Friday, March 21, 2008

#1 — Boron Boy

Creature 1 — Surprise! My first creature going into the casserole is going to break your teeth. I'm guessing this guy came from having listened to the audio book of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz recently. Then a few nights ago I listened to the soundtrack of Return to Oz. The Tin Man is always the character I wonder about. Never having read the book, I didn't know his character came about because he was constantly chopping his own limbs off. A Tinsmith replaced all his parts as he lost them. This on top of all the Iron Man hype has got me thinking metal. I give you Boron Boy.

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lainiebird said...

This reminds me of Carlton from Cybernauts. No, no, this is way better! You're style has really developed. I love his little hands that caused so much damage. He looks very still - as if he's wondering, "whatever will I chop off next?"