Friday, June 6, 2008

Abby Cadaver

Okay, this was going to get just silly. I started a blog for myself where I would post monsters that I make, and I bind myself with one rule. Time and that one rule became my excuse to not post anything. Pretty stupid. NO MORE SQUARES! It’s monsters. That's rule enough.
I’ve been way too busy to draw just for the heck of it. Trying to make something happen with my girlmonsters. Jitterbutter™ girl monsters now. Long story, but I’m extremely happy with the way things seem to be turning out.
Anyway. Too busy. Fudge. I’m drawing monsters, stupid-head! If the monster is licensing work I’m trying to promote, but it’s still monsters, what the heck am I dilly-dallying about?
Without further hesitation. Here’s my girl. The one who started it all. Updated for a new era… Abby Cadaver.

And, she’s got a blog of her own.

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